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Lately, a ton of people have been posting some really cool mashups and re-drawings of popular characters (like @hikaymm's Disney Meets Anime Styling and @Marichel's Gorgeous Disney Paintings) so I thought I'd post one too! ^.^
Here are some of our favorite Harry Potter ships, re-drawn as anime characters. If there were a Harry Potter anime series, I would TOTALLY watch it!!! Somebody call J.K. Rowling and tell her for me, please??
P.S. Omg look at Crookshanks in the image above, I just noticed that hahaha

Ron and Hermione

Harry and Hermione

Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood

Fred and George

Snape and Lily

Harry and Ginny

Snape and Harry

(Should I include this one?? Hmm... might as well go for it XD)

Draco and Harry

So much passion! XD
I hope you enjoyed!!! Join the Love & Relationship community to see more of my cards :D
And remember to tag your fellow Harry Potter & anime lovers!! XD
I never shipped Harry and Ginny but omg am i shipping Hermione and Draco!
the Hermione Draco ones are my FAVORITES hahahaha I love these kind of mashups!!
@RaquelArredondo @Marichel glad you ladies like 鉂わ笍馃槝馃槃
that was really awsome and the guys were really hot they need to make an anime Harry potter
Harry and Draco are my otp, but I enjoy Hermione/Draco, Fred/Harry/George, Draco/Blasie (idk if that's how his name is spelled), and Ginny/Hermione.
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