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Many theories are being tossed around. The Civil War in Marvel is a big thing and now people are holding their breath, trying to figure out who is going to die and we also have a ton of conspiracies flying along.
With such a setting, people are trying to rule out who is the weakest link, who no one cares about (fan wise), who has the weakest storyline etc. Well Vinglers I digged and trolled (in a good way lol). And there is a common theme with 2 particular characters.
Black Widow : the net is buzzing saying she offers nothing and no one would miss her at all. "She has no super powers and she is annoying" - anonymous 1 " Her fake accent is annoying and who wants to really see a Black Widow movie" anonymous 2 The main argument also was that Black Widow was never really an Avengers from the beginning, so why should her life be spared.
Hawkeye was the next victim on the net. People were very angry about this double life he was living all of a sudden in the Age of Ultron.They disputed over the fact Hawkeye has a family, has no super powers (like Black Widow) and people would not miss him. "Hawkeye is not needed, his character is weak" anonymous 1 "Hawkeye could die, so could Maria Hill but leave Fury alone." anonymous 2 The Internet is a cruel place for our Marvel characters.
We know in the comic, one falls. But will this translate to the Movie? Viglers, I bring the other Internet voice to you... Who do you think they would kill off? Who would you want them to kill off?
:: not in this equation Wade::
@LAVONYORK lol that's a good theory, and I think it would be different enough from the comics that it would be a surprise for everyone. And it would fit in with the film formula they have going. And yeah... personally I'm glad they expanded on Hawkeye's character but honestly I feel like it was at the expense of the movie. that side plot took a huge amount of screen time and they would have been better off either making Hawkeye the central character of the film (and letting the development Steve and Tony got in the other movies speak for itself) or just not done it. I feel like part of it was Whedon being unhappy that the character hasnt gotten his own film, and it's a valid complaint, but he didn't make it much better tbh. And personally I prefer the Matt Fraction version of Hawkeye, which is the total opposite of the character in AoU. But that's my preference. I'm not gonna hate on the character cus that's not how I do lol.
@shannonl5 I agree, and with Black Widow she I would love to see her beginnings.. She definitely offered alot in the first Iron man movie lol, I loved it. And the net is cruel on Hawkeye because I guess no one was ready for that twist. I have a theory, they all start fighting each other and something much worst causes them to stop and they fight that. I don't even cars if it's the Kree empire lol
Lol that's a good question. I feel like since in the comics it went one way I kind of want them to surprise us and go in another direction. I'm sad it sounds like people are being so hard on Hawkeye and Black Widow on other sites haha I guess that's why I'm on vingle. They're the only two that haven't gotten a solo movie (granted the Hulk one was a different actor but still) so I feel like it's not time to let them go yet