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Those K-pop idols that look like threatening cold blooded killers you’d run into in a dark alleyway but in reality they’re sugary gumdrop princesses.

Who do you think look like they could kill you, but they're really cinnamon rolls?!

Make a card or leave your choice in the comments!

My choices:

Jung Taekwoon from VIXX

Bang Youngguk from BAP

Who are yours?!
Idk the moment I read Taekwoon and YongGuk I was like OMGRD I DIE. But then they're KYUNGSSO HIS GLARES TURN MY BLOOD COLD XD
Rap Monster! He looks mean and really bad ass but in reality he's a dork that likes cute things ❤
Leo, definitely! I loved it in MYDol when Ken was ignored in favor of puppies, lol! Or on VIXX tv when they were doing the photo shoot and he walked away to play with the kitty. Lol. Sooooo adorable! @kpopandkimchi
I kinda think Mingyu from SEVENTEEN has that intense gaze. Like he could take you out before you even blink!
Yes like Yongguk and Leo are both such cutie pies
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