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I saw alot of the games so I decided to try and make one. @StephyBAP @kpopandkimchi @B1A4BTS5ever @Rhia @Exoexo @glostick @Marilovexoxo @KpopGaby Posts your results if you make a card tag me so I can see :)
My results were: Best Friend: YongGuk Boyfriend: Himchan Flirt: Himchan Write a Song for you: Daehyun Marry: Daehyun Jealous One: Youngjae The one you hate: Youngjae(sorry Youngjae) The one you really like: JongUp (Yay he's my Ultimate bias)
Thanks for the tag @AimeeH ! Wow. My results were just wow. 😂 Best Friend: Daehyun 😁♥️ Boyfriend: Daehyun 😳😍♥️ Flirt: Daehyun 😏 Writes a Song For Me: Daehyun😍😘♥️ Marry: Yonggyuk (Married the Ultimate Bias in this group)! 😁😊♥️ Jealous One: Youngjae😂 The One I Hate: Youngjae (Sorry oppa) 😩😊 The One I Really Like: Youngjae 💘
Bestfriend: Daehyun Boyfriend: YongGuk Flirt: Himchan Writes a Song for Me: Zelo Marry: JongUp Jealous One: Zelo The one I hate: Zelo The one I really like: YongGuk Aw poor Zelo, I didn't give him a second glance. JongUp got to me first YongGuk, why didn't you take me to that restaurant that I wanted to go to??! Ah well.
@destiny1419 "Emmy, you're with BAP today. Their schedules are crazy and they need an extra hand. " My head snapped up from the pile of paperwork on my desk. "What? SungJi, I don't work outside the office! Much less with a group I've never worked with before!" My shouts fell on deaf ears, my coworker already long gone. My phone buzzed with a message. It was from BAPs manager, giving me a hurry up warning. I needed to be down at the van in twenty minutes. Gathering up what paperwork would be needed for the day, I rushed from my tiny desk on the third floor and quickly found the awaiting van in the parking garage. "Hello. Emealia right?" I was greeted by who I guessed was the groups leader. "I'm Yongguk." We exchanged greetings before being rushed inside the van, I'd be riding along with them instead of taking a car with the stylists. Himchan made jokes, trying to get me laughing and before long I was. The entire group was singing and acting ridiculous. Their manager let me know they were just acting out because there was a pretty girl present, they usually sleep on the way to schedules. "Your hair is really pretty Noona." "Oh thank you Zelo. Have you finished getting ready for the show?" I reached out, adjusting the younger boys collar. "Jongup hyung in finishing then it's my turn." Zelo smiled at me and offered a piece of candy. "This is why you're my favorite." "Yah! I thought I was your favorite!" Himchan stook behind us, pouting. We only laughed in response to his childish act. "Come on, it's your turn to get done up." Zelo was dragged away by Himchan, getting picked on by the older boy. I went back to my paperwork, going over the files that needed to handed out to which staff. We only had a few more things on the schedule today but this was the longest event of any of them. "Emmy?" "Hold on." I moved the files back into an order before looking at the speaker "Oh Jungup, what can I help you with?" "The guys said I should come keep you company. Since I'm done with wardrobe and we've got a little while before showtime." Conversation stayed at a standstill for awhile. I was to busy in my paperwork and Jongup sat next to me, fidgeting with his sleeves. But little by little jokes and small talk flowed and before to long Jongup was dancing. My paperwork was set aside as he showed me some of the choreography they'd be performing. "Showtime!" The shout brought us back to the present and I quickly gathered up my paperwork to hand out before everything started. I found myself next to the stairs of the stage, the boys walking up to head out. "Good luck." I smiled at each of them, Jongup shooting me a wink before disappearing into the curtains. "Who knew Jongup was such a flirt." Daehyun snickered when he passed causing my cheeks to flush. - "Jongup! Let me go!" Letting out another screech as he raced around the living room. Our laughs echoing in the nearly empty dorm. "Say you love me." Jongup pretended to drop me, bouncing me back up and spinning. "I love you! You're the best boyfriend ever! I love you Moon Jong Up!" My shout was meet with being dropped on the couch. "You're so loud." Youngjae was leaning against the door frame to the hallway. "Sorry hyung." Jongup collapsed onto the couch next to me, pulling my legs into his lap. "Sorry Jae." I smiled up at the annoyed idol only to be meet with an eye roll. "I wrote a song about how annoying you two are. You're lovey dovey crap is gag worthy." "Let me hear it next time I visit the studio!" I didn't miss the grin that spread across the older ones face before he disappeared back down the hallway. "Himchan! Are you home?" I yelled out, hoping to get an answer but none came. "Are you two fighting?" Jongup peered down at me, watching my pout at the lack of response from my best friend. "I don't know. He hasn't talked to me in days, do you think I made him mad?" - "Emmy?" The door cracked open behind me, a young blonde boy peaked his head in "Wow, noona, you look so pretty." Waving him in, Zelo closed the door and took a seat next to me. He handed me a candy, popping one into his own mouth. "This is why you're still my favorite." Each one of the boys came into to see me and give their blessings before it started. Yongguk gave the most unneeded advice, waiting little nieces and nephews to spoil as soon as possible. "Emmy?" Daehyun peaked his head in, the last of the group to stop in. "I'm jealous, getting married before any of the rest of us." "Give your girlfriend some time, you'll be married before to much longer." "SungJi wants to wait a while, a very long while." Daehyun touch at my veil, smiling to himself. "She'll get there but I'll talk to her." "Don't push her, I can wait. Just as long as she's happy." There was a knock at the door, pulling our attention. When the door was pushed open we both stood there in silence. Himchan smiled at us and Daehyun excused himself. "Himchan." My best friend, the person I'd grown to hate over the years for the things he'd said was here. "Emmy, can we talk." And we did, we talk and discussed where our friendship had gone wrong. Why he told me to leave Jongup all those years ago. He was scared to lose the group but he lost his best friend in the process. I married Jongup an hour later, with my best friends looking on and cheering when it was all said and done. - And how was that?
Best Friend: Zelo (stuck in friendzone😧) Boyfriend: Jongup Flirt: Jongup Write a Song for you: Jongup Marry: Youngguk Jealous One: Himchan The one you hate: Daehyun The one you really like: Youngguk Poor Jongup! Hahaha!! Awww Youngguk is "the one I really like" and my husband! Cute!!! 😍
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