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I have to say I'm about a mix of Touka and Kaneki and Tsukiyama. I have Touka's rudeness and anger while also having Kaneki's kindness and caring for certain people and being very pervy to my Senpai and i somtimes have cannibalistic thoughts...... and I make great coffee, too ^脳^!
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I'm mostly like kaneki sweet and shy ,but when someone makes me really mad im like ayato XD
@MidnightBeauty lol Ayato-kun! @Haidurr Tsukiyama is one of most favorite characters. every time I see a trash can I'm like: TRES BIEN!!!
I'm still watching season 1. I'll get back to you. 馃槅
I think I'm most like Uta. weird, somewhat disengaged, but will be there when it counts the most.
I'd have to say that I'm a mixture of Kaneki and Uta-san. I'm kind and loyal to friends.I'm also shy most of the time. But I'll also find any way possible to tease you all the time if your my friend. I'm an artist and all my friends say that I have weird taste in it. And I'm unfazed by most things.... Maybe I'm mostly Uta-san instead of half. XD