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Netflix seems to be rolling out short teasers every couple of weeks for Marvel's Jessica Jones. And in their most recent release, they have The Purple Man (played by David Tennant) speaking very creepily to the show's titular character.
There's something undeniably terrifying about David Tennant's portrayal of the character. Even though we don't see his actual face or body, the way he whispers Jessica throughout the trailer is enough to make me fear for my life.
Another notable thing about this teaser is that it gives a better sense of the environment around our chracter. We get to see a little bit of her office -- I'm assuming it's Jones's office, by the way, since I don't know much about the character.
That being said, I really like the approach Netflix is taking with the lead-up to the series. Instead of releasing a bunch of longer more spoiler-prone trailers, they've been putting out short one-minute long teasers that inform the audience about the world and the character without giving too much away in terms of the events of the show.
Hopefully the series is as good as these teasers once it premieres on Netflix on November 20th, 2015.
How do you guys feel about the way Netflix is revealing information about the show? Would you rather have longer more conventional trailers? Or are you enjoying these?
I sway more towards the smaller teasers (as I said earlier) but I can't deny that it makes me long for something a little more traditional.
@shannonl5 no i have'nt actually i'll have to look that up
@bud113 I really like the one on this card, but I think there's one for the latest as well!
@bud113 did you see the last Jessica Jones trailer yet?