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My first INKTOBER pen drawing featuring the smart and sexy Rap Monster ❤ Special thanks to @danidee for the awesome idea to join INKTOBER!
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I'm glad! :) I really like it. I'm actually really bad at drawing people, so I'm learning a lot from this lol.
@danidee That's great! I know, I used to seriously suck at drawing people! My proportions were always so off, but the more you do it the more it improves every time. Animals is my total weakness though, I can't even try it without failing miserably and giving up lol.
Yeah, proportions are hard! Personally I'm afraid of drawing noses, but I like the one you drew on RapMon!
I'm just in love with the hair texture and you captured his likeness spot on.
Thanks @baileykayleen ! Glad you like it :)