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Thought you all might enjoy a little impressionist Iron Man love... I figure if Monet or Van Gogh had done a portrait of Iron Man the finished product... Well who am I kidding it wouldn't look like this but what the heck! Isn't this what Fan Art is all about?
truth be known I am a big fan of steam punk fan art... I saw an amazing steam punk iron man once. perhaps Monet wo I led have related to him more.
very cool
This is Great!! You know I'd buy this, right @shannonl5?! @JonPatrickHyde I would LOVE to see that one...
I love this! Haha Monet might not know what to do with Iron Man if he wasn't given any context....
Thank you! :D Glad you all like it. I have some more up my sleeve. My older brother has a MASSIVE comic collection - he started it when he was 5 years old. I'm pretty sure he has a COMPLETE set of Marvel. EVERY Marvel comic ever printed. I know he's got complete sets of Spiderman, Fantastic Four, and X-Men. Anyway... I've live with comics my entire life.