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I was tagged by @kpopandkimchi to make this ultimate bias card so without further ado. let me introduce you to my ub. Kim Jonghyun. Singer-songwriter. Member of SHINee. This overgrown man puppy is by far my favorite idol in terms of the whole package. From his looks, to his intelligence, to his talents he slays me completely. There is not one thing he can do that would make me dislike him (as far as I know). I wish him so much happiness in his life. He is just amazing, his flaws included. He inspires me to follow my dreams and do all that I can to be somebody that the younger generations can look up too. I just... too many feels. Okay. Moving on, Jonghyun is also really handsome and can be shipped (It doesn't have to be sexual, it can be friendly too okay.) with pretty much any member. Plus he's fun sized. NOW COMMENCING PHOTOSPAM. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.
Look how handsome and adorable he is!
Body appreciation!
OT5. SHINee. Sha-wol baes. Our boys all grown up, looking really nice and dorky! Especially Jonghyun! Hehe
Friendly Jongyu. Don't they look nice together? Jinki listening tentatively while Jonghyun whispers something in his ear. So cute~~
Adorable Jongkey giving off the appa and umma vibe. Which one is which? The world may never know.
Cutesy Jongho. Jonggie~ is such a tsundere for Minho! (I hope I used that term right. I haven't said in a few years, but I think I used it correctly.)
Pantydropping Jongtae. Two words: INTERNET WAR. HAHA, WATCH THEM SLAY YOU. JONGHYUN ESPECIALLY. HE CAN BE MY DOM ANYTIME! But yeah, I told you he could be shipped with anyone and based on the these pics I'm pretty sure you can guess my ult Jonghyun otp.
Now to leave you with something cute and fluffy! @AimeeH @AmbieB @tayunnie @MorganElisabeth @CJPatt @Tigerlily84 @amandamuska @maralatto @merryjayne13 @xoxoaudra98 @solodaywithB1A4 @glostick @JaxomB @KiKi29 @KellyOConnor @KpopGaby @ElizabethT @Astrxboy I literally added anybody I've ever tagged on here. Aimee can you please tag our babes & Nathan from the chat. I am really bad with remembering screennames. (I seriously need to just put them all in a memo and copy & paste lol). But yes, I'm giving you all this mini challenge. If you've done it already then maybe you can just give us your Ultimate OTP? Or you can ignore this. Either way, I love you all and keep on listening to kpop!
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Jongtae always gets me like frickity frack my ovaries. ....
@MissyKim jongtae gets us all.
yes yes yes yes 네네네네!!!!!!! Everything in this card makes me so happy XD