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Manoj Bhargava, the man who created 5-Hour Energy has way too much money. Enough that he is putting all in project that benefit the world.
So he’s focusing on powering the nation. How is he doing it?
He’s using bikes.

Bike Power

Early next year in India he will distribute 10,000 of his Free Electric battery-equipped bikes, which, if worked on for an hour can power an entire home for a whole day. Shared between family members and this bike could help them become fit and conserve angry. Pretty rad Stuff

Money that Matters

This billionaire is also working on other projects like making saltwater drinkable, enhance circulation in the body, and secure limitless amounts of clean geothermal energy. So you know, after he powers the world, he wants to make us healthy.
“If you have wealth, it’s a duty to help those who don’t. Make a difference in people’s lives,” he says, “Don’t just talk about it.”
What a cool example of a man using his wealth for good.
Now if someone could buy me one of those bikes, I could get rid of my electric bill. Pretty please? ;)
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I know right?! isn’t it genius! @shantalcamara I can’t wait for when they bring it over to the U.S. And to see how does in third-world countries
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Definitely inspiring idea! if it really works. Light, fast and high capacity Battery? Till now this is not possible without Graphene! Although if Graphene is optimized world energy issue will solve. I think he should invest for adaptable battery for all Bike.
2 years ago·Reply
Wow it seems like you know a lot about this issue @AzamSharif! what exactly do you mean an adaptable battery? like using this method and adapting it to other power sources?
2 years ago·Reply
@AzamSharif yeah this guy is dumping a LOT of money into studying what we can do with graphene. It's exciting, isn't it?
2 years ago·Reply
Adaptable battery! I mean useable to all bikes. As @ButterflyBlu mentioned, he should invest in developing Battery with graphene.
2 years ago·Reply