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So DramaFever just posted a video about "4 Steps To Cure Your KDRAMA & KPOP Addiction" and it sort of rubbed me the wrong way?

Here's their list and my commentary:

1. Throw Away Your Merch

Alright, I can understand this sort of but what about selling your merch or giving it to other Kdrama or Kpop fans? Throwing your stuff away will only make the whole world sad.

2. Resist Watching All K-Drama and Kpop Videos

Okay I'll give them this one too but come on! Where are the actual good tips for getting out of a fandom?

3. Get a Real Boyfriend

Okay this is where I got annoyed - I have a boyfriend, plenty of my Kpop/Drama friends have boyfriends, husbands, wives, even kids! It's a little insulting to say that all K-entertainment fans are single women and that there is anything wrong with that! People don't need a significant other in their lives to be fulfilled!

4. Socialize

Bro, what do you think we do here on Vingle? Socializing and freaking out about all of our favorite dramas and groups is what we live for. Clearly DramaFever people are just watching K-dramas wrong...
Basically, I just want to know why DramaFever thinks that fans of K-drama and Kpop are sad, lonely, and don't talk to any friends. That's lame DramaFever - I hope you come to Vingle soon and meet the really awesome Kdrama/Kpop fans you clearly haven't met yet!

What do you guys think when people say "why don't you get a real boyfriend" or something similar when it comes to fanboying and girling over K-entertainment?

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First off, you can't throw all the things you loved for years just because you want to be normal. I mean I know that Kpop fans are crazy about Kpop and stuff but we are not CRAZY as in seriously mental ill thing. Everyone has their own thing but for us it's Kpop. Dramafever doesn't have the right to talk about Kpop and K-drama as if it's a serious disease. Some people think we're the same as alchoholists but not alchohol with Kpop and K-drama. I hate it!!
I'm confused. Is this DramaFever's going out of business plan?
Dramafever said that??? i haven't used Dramafever in a long while, i have been using Viki....i can say that i don't have any fan items of any dramas, actors/actress, k-artists..etc... i admit i am hooked on k-dramas, j-dramas, Taiwanese dramas, and/or interesting shows that caught my attention. i recently started to have a boyfriend but it sometimes don't feel that way since he say he is supposedly "too busy"...I'll have to give it time before i decide if i want this to continue or not...yes the relationships like in the dramas is the one i hope to have or somewhat similar to the one i want to be in someday if the relationship last long enough. Most time i feel like a loner in person/real life... that's because we are all growing up and doingo our own thing. i don't really socialize much in person but i do talk to random people and comment on their post/profile about the same interest. such as dramas and music and guys and female groups. Not everyone i know knows that i like to watch K-dramas or other foreign dramas that caught my interests. It would be nice to have someone you know to be interested in it as you and watch them together and stuff....
I would say that fangirling is way better than actually getting a boyfriend or girlfriend... well in my opinion... for now
i only used drama fever once bc i couldnt find exo next door anywhere else but its really LAME. too much ads It's annoying so i use viki. and the merch + make friends thingy , i always wear my kpop merch to school and i swear to god i made more than 20 REALLY close friends in one week bc of it. as for the boyfriend matter, my expectations are too high anyways lol, but that doesnt mean kpop fans are social failures (it seems like thats what theyre trying to say lol) @Aripendragon I AGREE πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’•