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I use humor to deal with a lot of things. This here is a serious topic. Yes, I have boobies and we all know someone with boobies. Well October is Breast Cancer awareness month. As a woman with a disease that is not curable. I would like to talk to you about some things you can do at home to check if you are okay. Once a month when you hit the shower check your breast for any lumps or anything that might be suspicious to you. If you do come across something, have no fear go to your doctor and figure out what's going on with you and your body. Cancer affects not just you but your friends and family. Stay informed and just do yourself a service.. Check your breast.
you are right. this is an important issue. I think, though, that it is important for men to rmember that they are also capable of getting breast cancer. there is often a stigma about men who have it, because it's unmanly or whatever, but that's why men are less reluctant to acknowledge it when it happens. regular checks, everybody!
This is true, a lot of men don't believe it could happen to them and I also believe it's the lack of information too.. If you notice my post, it's tailored more towards women because it's always presented as a female issues when it in fact it is an everyone issue.
This is a great reminder! Thank you @lavonyork We have to be conscious of our health!
Thank you @tessstevens these past 8 plus years dealing with kidney disease (and still have it) I became very sensitive and actually more aware about things that can take you down that you have no control over. I just want people to be happy and healthy. Honestly besides breast cancer I would totally go on a crusade for everyone to also check their kidneys because they actually play a big role in your body. I lost a lot due to kidney failure. One main thing is I have to watch my bones, if they break it can take forever to heal because my native kidney did a number on me by getting rid of stuff that all our bodies need. So I'm going to keep on talking about health and awareness and maybe I might inspire or save a life.