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Happy Friday Vinglers!!!

We made it! And we had a really *awesome* week. We've got a giveaway going on, a bunch of awesome new friends... there's lots of cool stuff going on here! ^_^

Here's a quick question to start off our Friday: If you were a comic book character, which hero do you think you would be?

I think I'd be Steve Rogers.

I was that kid that caught every disease going around. I'm a little Irish punk with a giant chip on my shoulder, I'm stubborn as heck and determined to do what's right. I feel like I have a lot of Steve's good (and bad) qualities, so that's who I think I'd be if the world became a comic book tomorrow.
What about you?
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@kneelb4zod lol I'm sorry, I was very excited XD
@shannonl5 nah it's cool I just gave them the finger
@kneelb4zod lol very deadpool-esque XD
@shannonl5 Peter Parker the proclaimed "greatest hero of all time" in the marvel universe. Because he saved my life as a kid one panel at a time and gave me hope!
@Bakuman247 that's beautiful! I'm glad you had your hero