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Hey guys how are you all?? My name is Miguel Angel but I go by Migeru Tenshi(Miguel=Migeru Angel=Tenshi or Enjeru in Japanese) Well let's get to the subject!!! I would like to create a group of of people who wants to do Manga(I need someone who can screenshots and correct application of manga artwork, another person who can do coordination of production and character design, artist of the team that can do coloring and which is responsible for the composition and team leader and team duties include writing scripts, making the design of the covers of novels and sales plan.) if anyone is interested let me know. Manga is one of my passion and want to shared :) there are 2 of my drawings , same character as a kid and adult version. i do face design and some writing myself. I'm not that good xD. well let's see what happen.
I often make original characters. y necesito practicar mi espanol.
dale, gracias y descansa
puedo compartir ideas contigo a veces.. ahora es tiempo pa dormir.
@sdavidah I draw original character ever since I started drawing. I'm not good with body proportions hehe. el espanol no es tan difucil. about the drawing thing I wanna make a group like clamp.