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so I got tagged by @kpopandkmichi so I going to share why I love the adorable idol which is *drumroll* BAEKHYUN FROM EXO here are some reasons why I do love him. XD
baekhyun is cute and nice and of course handsome cute style, he has the cute puppy face that I like. he is a very good dancer idk raping need a little work
he's nice with animals which is cute *I wish I was that puppy so bad*
hes very handsome it drive me cazy with eyeliner and makeup it looks so good. even in the call me baby mv and as a beautiful wolf or laying in bed
he is nice and friendly to is member besides one that looks like he want to end hes life but d.o this is cute anyway of him now to baekhyun.
I feel really bad that taeyeon and baekhyun broke up i mean its sad he seem so happy with her fricken schedule to ruin it but Im still happy for him
*bouns* chanbaek is real hehehehehe
He is a cutie. I can't seem to pick a bias in EXO though..
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ahh Baekhyun♡♥ i love him!
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aww thanks guys I could choose but I chose baekhyun that cutie pie
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