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My intentions are pure but my methods are questionable
I like to eat a lot myself, I sometimes surprise myself with how much I eat hahaha and have look at me like I havent eaten in days
I can be innocently oblivious to situations because I either dont know what is going on or dont understand the situation
I love to sleep after a good work out and i can sleep anywhere too lol
I love my friends and my family and will fight tooth amd nail to help them anyway i can no matter what @poojas @RosePark @KevinBarr @TakuyaKono @noble6kn I accepted the Anime personality challenge and now challenge all my folowers do take this challenge brought to you by @RosePark include her in your card and me for a like amd follow my collection so I know its you for the like. Have fun everyone :)
@GiovanniSolorza oh you cant clip or nodify others collections the best way to notify that person is by tagging them and dont worry lol
sorry about that lol thought you were a girl. and thanks but when I tried clipping to your TT challenge collection only my collections poped up, Im still fairly new to vingle but would like to know how to clip to others for future reference
@GiovanniSolorza whenever you make a card you have to choose the collection you want the card to be into. To clip other cards just click on the "Clip" button in the card and choose in which one of your collections you want the card to be in. Also awesome card haha I've found the lost son of Goku! and Im a guy just letting you know lol
Hey how did you get your tt challenge cliped to @RosePark tt challenge collection
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