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There are so many to choose from... unfortunately.

They get on your nerves, because they're offensive or just offensively bad writing, it doesn't really matter. Stereotypical characters really need to be retired. These are a few of my peeves, though I'm sure you all have your own!

The obligatory 'good at shooting things' girl

The kind of character you really want to love. She's cool! She's good at stuff! And doing things! Well, sort of. Usually she's just there to lead a training montage for the slightly less capable but inexplicably more fit for heroics male lead. Or she's just there to be the token woman on a team of dudes. Good luck finding her on a t-shirt.

The manic pixie dream girl

She's so quirky! And super-interested in a kind of boring dude for some reason. In fact, it seems like everything she likes and cares about is perfectly tailored to suit that boring dude's incredibly specific needs.

The support staff

The five minutes of screen time these characters get is always enjoyable, but let's face it, most of the time these characters could be played by cardboard cut-outs of people. Frankly, the cardboard cut-outs might actually get some character development.

The blank slate

She has a very strong opinion about something completely mundane ("ugh, weather, am I right?") but aside from that there's not really anything substantial here. She's as close to "default female" as we get. Because being female is enough of a defining characteristic, right?

The trophy

It's like someone misheard the definition of sexual empowerment. But see? She's naked! And guys totally love it! That's what sexual empowerment is all about, right? Groan. Her boobs also double as flotation devices, so there's that.

What do all of these have in common?

(Aside from the fact that they're all female stereotypes).
They're not actually characters. All of these archetypes have no depth. They don't have internal lives, or needs that aren't about someone else. And when there's only one female character present in a story, these stereotypes are glaring. They're not just gross, they're lazy storytelling!
@shannonl5 Excellent card, btw! I think one of the things that irritates me is that EVERY female lead on tv ends up on a bed at some point, no matter the context.
amen! Also, I hate the stereotype of the girl who's strong and perfectly capable, but they always make her say "I grew up with four brothers, heeheehee" or some shit. Uuuugh!
Emotional Support: you only see her when the lead male needs to unload...his emotions, I mean.
Don't forget the "love of my live and dies to give the leading male some man pain"!!!
@YoSoySoysauce oh I know exactly what you mean!! No worries. @ChosenKnight and that is the problem, isn't it? Some writers assume that as long as we have a female in there somewhere, women are pleased. Not true. And I couldn't either. It was awful.
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