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Everyone is intrigued by personality type. It's fascinating. The fact that there are different ways our brains work is amazing. I've noticed that there are three types of people. And based on the traits below, you'll be able to figure out what your personality type is with a quick read of a Vingle card.
How cool is that?
Check out the three types that most people fall into, and comment below with which one you are!

Type A:

Main Characteristics:

-Excessive ambition -Competitive
-Need for success -Focus on quantity over quality
-Need for control -Driven
-Impatient -Often neurotic
-Ashamed of loss or asking for help -Goal and accomplishment oriented
-Care more about the result than the journey -Unrealistic sense of urgency
-They will work until exhaustion
-Have to beat the clock
Type A's are usually analytic and business oriented, but don't count them out as being creative.


Type A personalities end up alienating themselves because they are obsessed with work. They have high stress levels and often work themselves to the point of exhaustion. They find it hard to relax and identify with others because they feel as if they can't connect. This is what leads to neurotic-ism in this type. They find it extremely hard to slow down, which can cause exhaustion and a pension for vices.

Common Jobs for Type A's:

-Business -Leadership
-Entrepreneurial ventures -Politics
-Creative (advertising)
This is where type A's excel. They have to be in leadership positions of some kind or else they tend to fell a bit constrained or caged in. Type A personalities require a certain amount of freedom to make their own decisions specially in the professional sector.

Unexpected Jobs for Type A's:

-Anything that requires down-time
Type A's don't usually end up in creative fields, but watch out when one does. Because that person often has the best qualities of more creative personalities mixed in with their ambition. It's a straight up combination for success.

Type B:

Main Characteristics:

-Relaxed -Not too stressed
-Take time to enjoy achievements -are progress oriented
-Desire the journey more than the destination -More creative than analytical
-Have the ability to step back and analyze -controlled by feelings rather than logic
-Can get over emotional - easy going
-More prone to laziness
-Can get lost in the shuffle
-Content with failure
-Content with underachievement
Type B's are usually a bit more creative and idealistic. They don't have a lot of the qualities that make type A's jaded. They are better suited to creative endeavors, but if they are put in a corporate setting they can easily provide different solutions to analytic problems.


Type B personalities can be perceived as lazy and unfocused. Most of the time they're a bit more relaxed than others, and that can come across as a detriment to the workplace or at school. Type B personalities also like to take their time, which may be too long for some people to wait. In the corporate sector, people tend to grow impatient with type B's because their process may be different from the typical A Type you'd usually find there.

Common Jobs for Type B's

-Music -Sales
-Design -Teaching

Unexpected Jobs for Type B's

Type B personalities don't take well to things that require precision. Although they are patient,they usually can't focus their energy long enough for these kinds of jobs. Despite this, they can excel anywhere because they have a great deal of patience and are inherently social. They don't end up going as crazy as Type A's when it comes to work, and they end up having longer careers because of that.

Most people end up being a combination of both types, garnering their own, specific versions of themselves out of these traits.

I can say...I'm probably 60 percent A and 40 percent B. I am very goal oriented, intense and work-driven...but I'm creative. I've been a musician and artist my whole life. So it's strange...if the work of type A and the creativity of type B can work together, anything can right!?

Which trait are you!?

And if it's not clear, what percentage are you A and B?
50/50 for me. It's weird.
Probably like 90% A and 10% B haha
I'd say I'm largely B. Duh. But I'm NOT patient. At all. I'm also very precise. So maybe 75% B, 25% A. I'm an INFJ, also.
i have to say from the looks of it, a type A personality would be somewhat narcissistic if not full blown npd. i would think that a 100% type A personality would not be a good thing. But 100% type B wouldnt either. If i had to choose between the two, i would choose type B because there is nothing worse than a narcissist in this world. Im defimately more on the type B side, but i get on the type A side a little more sometimes. I think it's safe to say that it is better to fall somewhere in the middle. but i do see myself as being more on the B side.
A lot of times yes. and I try to stay passionate about alot of things so I can work harder. though it can be tough for me to keep that kind of pace haha.
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