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Okay, we all want to know. Admit it! You check your notifications more often than you eat. It's a problem. So, I've compiled this obviously scientific, definitive guide to how you can be super hot on instagram and gain a lot of followers. I personally haven't cracked the code, but that doesn't mean you cant! Happy 'gramming bitches!

Flaunt your wealth.

Take it from Rihanna, having money isn't fun without showing it. If you had that kind of dough laying around, I'm sure you'd be spending it. And you'd show the world what you spent it on too damn it. Would you be caught dead without designer bags flowing from your arms? The answer: NO

Make a funny face.

It's that whole, "we're human too" kind of thing. These pictures usually appear back to back with glam squad photos and famous best friends. But who are we kidding, we've got a corner on the human market. So go ahead look dumb. You don't become the selfie queen without a few less than perfect pics. That's how people come to think of you as approachable. And that's hot

Show off your "Squad"

Right? There's no other way to make yourself look cool on Instagram than to show off your fiends. Take it from Taylor Swift and her super-model squad. If you're really good looking and really famous you can pretty much get anything done. Taylor is the most followed person on all of Instagram after all. You could rule the world with this amount of beauty and fame. Instagram is just the beginning.

Put stuff in your mouth.

Just do i. It seems like Miley Cyrus' 27.9 Million followers are into it.

Put stuff on your face.

It's Gaga....nothing matters.

Endorse some kind of product.

This kind of fame isn't free. And people will love you more if they know you're making money off of them right? I don't know how it all works.

Make fun of yourself

Because taking something like Instagram really seriously will only lead you to eternal sadness. Mark my words.

Which Instagram tip are you going to use?

I think I'll use all of the same time.
@danidee I totally get you THE SQUAD THING IS SO ANNOYING and @carolinian87 my point exactly! I meant this to be satirical lol. It's just kind of ridiculous. I don't have the time for all that. My little sister puts a lot of energy into Instagram...and I just don't get it.
Ughhhhhhhh Taylor Swift is the worst. Whenever I see her in those stupid 'squad' pictures, I want to start crying blood and acid.
IG is for celebrities, they have million gazillion followers because they are popular, people know them ... it doesn't matter what kind of pose they do, people follow them. Us ordinary people even if you follow those tips, maybe the most you'll get is one or 2 follower unless that's all you do all day, keep track if everything on your social media notices ... I see people that I know personally has like 1000 friends, really? no wonder you can't help your child's homework, just saying :)
I don't kno the first thing about Instagram
@danidee *hugs* you've got me! We're worth 15 Taylor Swifts!
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