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Okay, so I was tagged by @kpopandkimchi (I think) in this card. When I say "I think" its because I'm not sure. I got an email saying I was mentioned, but my name wasn't on the card.
But who cares!! Might as well do this! :D
If anyone knows me well enough, or has followed me when I first started on Vingle, you should know I am 100% all the way for Seungri.
There are many sides to VI... Like the fun, quirky side...
The "I'm better than you" side
The sexy side
The adorable side
And of course, we can't forget... The Maknae side...
Hope you like my little collage of gifs to describe VI! He's perf.
This is where I got all of the gifs. I don't own any of them. Check out the link!!
Have a little final sprinkle of Seungri. I'm sure everyone has seen this photo, but who cares!! LOOK AT IT!!!!
I don't like tagging people, but someone can do the thing if they really want to.
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high five! I've been adoring him since 2010 and I don't think anyone would steal his spot as my ultimate bias even in the future. Gah he's really something. there are countless times when I have the secondhand embarrassment issues to deal with him but he's Seungri so yeah. hahaha.
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I'm still trying to decide who my ultimate bias is.
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Seungri is such an adorable Maknae >.< I think your card made me love him more.
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