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Dating Advice from Marvel's Heroines

Because I don't trust Cosmo anymore.

Well okay, I still do sometimes. But there's something Inspiring (with a capital "I") about one of your heroes giving you dating advice. All advice is actually from Captain Awkward, but the delivery is 100% Marvel heroine.

1. “Captain Awkward help my boyfriend keeps trying to optimise me."

Good advice Natasha. She clearly has no patience for people who want to control every little detail about you.

2. “How should you act when you see your former affair and his wife in public?”

Hopefully that's not a problem you would have often, but just in case it's good to have this advice in your back pocket.

3. “How do I tell my husband I’m sick of him playing games on his phone?”

Mary-Jane knows that sometimes humor is the best ice-breaker when it comes to discussing relationship troubles.

4. “How to know if a girl loves you secretly from long distance?”

No, Jean Grey will not be reading some girl's mind for you.

5. “My boyfriend wants to move in together but I don’t.”

For a warrior, Lady Sif is actually quite eloquent when it comes to relationship advice.

6. “He’s mean to me, rude to me and doesn’t care about my feelings. What does it mean?”

Peggy doesn't compromise when it comes to respect. You deserve it.
Ahaha I love this!! Great advice from some great ladies :) I'd like to get dating advice from Tony Stark. Well, not really advice. I'd just want him to set me up with one of his billionaire friends 😉😉😉
@ButterflyBlu @SeintoSeiya that's very true. And honestly, if someone wants to play games, they're not worth it. That's not an okay way to be. Lying to test someone, playing "hard to get" to try to see if the other person will push their boundaries... those are tactics that people use to control their partners and it's a red flag if not outright emotionally abusive. And you're so right Blu! People that don't respect you are not people you need in your life.
@SeintoSeiya it's all in how you ask. I think a lot women would, actually, unless she's all about playing games. @shannonl5 Peggy Carter gets it right again. More women need to hear that!
for number 4, I doubt anyone would be honest about that lol
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