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@destiny1419 Here are my results! I was laughing so hard at the end! Best Friend ~ Zelo (aww yes! cute lil maknae is my BFF!) Boyfriend ~ Daehyun (won me over with his voice) Flirt ~ Himchan (I would flirt with him, he's my bias ^^) Writes A Song For You ~ YongGuk (melting into a puddle of goo.) Marry ~ YongGuk (song worked) Jealous One ~ Zelo (hun we talked about this we can only be friends, you're too young) The One You Hate ~ YongGuk (well that came outta nowhere! unhappily married) The One You Really Like ~ Daehyun (ooh I see now...I resent him {YongGuk} for getting between Daehyun and I when we were happy together!) Seriously this couldn't have turned out better if I'd tried! So funny!
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Hahaha I like it ! It is a perfect scenario :)