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The Song You Need to Listen to When You're Young and in Love
Listen, I love The Front Bottoms. And for a while I wasn't convinced when it came to their latest album Back on Top but everything slowly changed. Brian Sella and the rest of them changed my mind and I'm fully with them no matter what.
As I was going through their album there's one song that stuck out to me in particular, especially because I haven't heard a love song like this before. I mean, it's extremely blunt. It's not covered in metaphors or weird similes. It's raw, it's real, it's honest. And there's something about this band and the way they capture an honest emotion that other bands can't do. It's their best quality honestly.
2YL is a perfect example of this. It's the happiest emo song I've heard in a long time and I hope you guys enjoy it. I'm sure if some of you are in a relationship now and you're not an old human being/robot you'll find something to like about this song.

Notable Lyrics:

Smashing bottles and stepping on glass has never felt so good in the past. I'm only human with my flaws. Just a fool without a cause. With you grinding on me and me grinding back on you. I bet we look beautiful, slip sliding on the dance floor
Cause our love's the only thing that could matter. Take me up and up and up like a ladder. Our love's the only thing that could matter. Take me up and up like a ladder.
Yeah maybe that could be your thing, what do ya think? I'm talking two young lovers and half priced drinks. I could fight the rainclouds in your life. Every day, every night.
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"I'm talking two young lovers and half priced drinks.” that is essentially my 20s. haha love this!
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