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Are you excited for Ladies Week yet?

It's starting tomorrow! To get us all ready, let's talk about the female characters that we admire most! Here are a few of mine:

Motoko Kusinagi- Ghost in the Shell

She's super-intelligent, capable of making hard decisions without looking back, and calm in the face of danger!

Peggy Carter- Agent Carter/Marvel

Determined and stubborn, Peggy's a really amazing character. While the rest of the world is too blinded by their own biases, Peggy gets sh!t done.

Sidonie de la Courcel- Kushiel's Legacy

I reread these books all the time because of how much I admire Sidonie. She's got so much courage, and she does everything with love.

Supergirl- DC comics

I relate to her a lot, because she feels really lost and unsure what to do a lot of the time, but she always strives to do what's right.

Who do you admire?

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Erza from Fairy Tail!
Faye Valentine, Bulsa, and Saia
Motoko! !!! Ghost in the shell was my first animated movie
I have to say Erza
Hinata , Morjiana , Satilazer