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Another impossible question you HAVE to answer!

We had a lot of fun last week, but it seems like we need to make the decision a little bit harder. So, here are the circumstances: if you press the button you can remake any Marvel movie exactly the way you want it, BUT it will be the *last* Marvel movie ever made! So... do you press the button?
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@shannonl5 something with the women saving the world and no guys involved. Why not. We can have the female Heroes and villains to band together to stop some virus that has corrupted the male way of thinking and they want to destroy our planet. I don't know that's was a quick thought lol
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@LizaNightshade YEAH! I'd watch that movie haha. Maybe while Cap and Iron Man are busy with civil war the ladies could all end up saving the planet from some terrible alien threat or something
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hmm I have no idea but if I had to I would probably make something bat man and I would be in it as bat girl or robin
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@AleciaReedy I'd watch that!
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Oh cool
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