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"I haven't beaten a man with his own leg since Carter was in office...but I still remember how."

Mystique is an incredibly complex character. Neither villain nor hero, she's capable of both selfishness and selflessness. She might not be someone to aspire to be all the time, but she definitely deserves our admiration.

"Who am I? That, my dear, is an excellent question. Though not one easily answered."

Origins: Raven Darkholme first appeared in 1978. It's not clear how old she is, because her powers both conceal and most likely delay her aging. She's the mother of Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler), and has worked both with and against the X-Men as she fights against anti-mutant sentiment.
Powers: She can morph into anyone (though she can't duplicate anyone's powers), has slightly advanced strength and agility, and she's resistant to most toxins and diseases.

"You never know...This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

Mystique adapts, not just physically but emotionally. She's been alive for so long that she's developed very good instincts. She manages to persevere without sacrificing her convictions, which I admire greatly. @DanRodriguez let's show some Mystique love ^_^
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@CandaceJordan same here. What's amazing about her is that she is really complex. She's not one thing or the other.
I love Mystique! Rogue is my favorite X Men character though. I just think she's so cool. I'd love to see one of these on her!
Yes, I love her!!!
She's so awesome and it's beautiful how she morphs in the x-men movies
@TessStevens I think I could be persuaded to do one for her :D @alywoah me too!! Haha she's awesome ^_^ @JessicaKeezel yeah! It's such a cool ability. She's really awesome :D