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It's time for a challenge Vinglers!

That's right! If you've been tagged in this card, it means that you've been challenged to create a card of your own (if you haven't done one yet, check out this guide)! What is this challenge about?

If you had to pick 5 female heroes to join your super-squad, who would you pick?

Here are my choices:

The Brains: Barbara Gordon

Any incarnation of the character works for me: Oracle and Batgirl would be an essential part of my squad. She's one of the smartest comic book characters to ever exist!

The Brawn: She-Hulk

She's not just tough, she's an amazingly charismatic character!

The Team Leader: Sue Storm

Sue is very level-headed. Plus she's got a lot of experience as a hero, so she'd make a great team leader.

The Mercenary: Mystique

This is the one you call when there's a hard choice that needs to be made. They'll get it done, no matter what.

The Happy One: Kamala Khan

Every team needs someone light-hearted to help keep things in perspective! This version of Ms. Marvel would be perfect!
Here's what you do:
Make a card with your squad: the brains, the brawn, the team leader, the mercenary & the happy one. Tag me in it! Tag 5 other people you'd like to challenge!
Have fun Vinglers!
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@shannonl5 I just got really excited on the team leader! Like I'm sure you're aware I don't like Marvel but, Sue is such a great character!
@OGv6FATE that's ok! I tried to do a combo of marvel and dc... obviously Marvel is what I prefer at the moment but I have a lot of love for both. Haha I'm glad to see the love for Oracle, she's GREAT
@shannonl5 Honestly I hate Marvel but, I have some love for a lot of characters and Sue, Shehulk, and Mystigue fit into that category.
@OGv6FATE that's fair! We all like what we like, we can't help it.
@shannonl5 That's for sure!