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Sailor Moon was one of my favorite anime shows growing up. I just remember waking up early in the morning, while the skies were still black and freckled with stars, to watch Sailor Moon. Man those were the days! Along with a big bowl of Captn' Crunch -- I was living the life. Sailor Moon was shown in several parts of the world, including several countries in Latin America. So of course, the show along with the theme song were translated to the appropriate language. :-)

Check out the video:

Here's The English Translation To The Lyrics:

Forgive me if I can't be sincere
Only in my dreams I confess
A thousand thoughts swirl in my mind
Causing me to short circuit
I wish to see you right now
And mourn that moonlight
The moonlight doesn't let me call you
I want to know what I must do
My heart is a kaleidoscope
Moonlight, guide my love
A thousand twinkles in the constellation
In the surroundings of one I ask myself
About the destiny of my love
Beautiful romance, I believe in you
I know that the miracle will happen
It is the miracle of love
Side note. If you're looking for content related to Latin America, or being can check out the 'Latino Culture' community. :)
@alywoah THIS. IS. AMAZING. I had no idea they had this show in Spanish-speaking countries too!! Maybe that's just me being silly though XD
Honestly I was pretty surprised they had Sailor Moon in Latin America lol.