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It's time for the Funny Community's Friday 'Would You Rather?' game!

This week's theme is ALIENS!

Would you rather travel to outer space and discover an alien? Or would you rather stay here on Earth and have an alien discover you?

Comment below with your answer, debate among your Vingle friends, and I'll share the results next week!
Last week, I asked you if you would rather live in a mansion that's haunted with ghosts or live in a shack with a roach infestation. 19 of you voted, and the winner is HAUNTED MANSION with 100% of the vote! (You're all a bunch of brave, brave souls. You'd better hope those ghosts are friendly!)
Want to participate in future 'Would You Rather' games? Follow my Weekly 'Would You Rather' collection to stay in the know!
AAAAAAAAAAAAH So hard. I think I'd rather meet an alien, with the provision that he like...doesn't eat me or whatever.
@ButterflyBlu FIELD TRIPPPP!!
@Danidee, Dude. My sister. I'm out of here. Call Captain Picard. Wanna go?! Imagine the things we could see that have yet to be seen! I'll bring the books and music. You bring the food and drink. ^.^
I'll take a chance with the alien visitor.
meet an alien VISITOR!° STITCHHHH
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