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In case you missed the news this week, here are some news-related things that you should be in the know about. But better, because they are in puns.

Here’s the week of news:

1. Yoko celebrated John Lennon's Birthday with a HUGE peace sign in his honor. Thousand of people came together to create this aerial sign, and then they peaced out.
Card by : @TessStevens
2. NASA released 10,000 images from apollo missions on flickr. The photos are all restored through a 15 year project. I was scrolling through the feed and every time I saw a pretty picture I thought, “wow. NAS-A nice picture.”
3. A new research study from King’s College in London says over-thinkers are actually creative geniuses. No longer need to be plagued by your thoughts when you can just cure the plague yourself. (not really a pun, but a play with words. you get it)
4. IHOP got pretty pissed that McDonalds was serving breakfast all day, so they sent them a bit of shade on Twitter. I think IHOP was just trying to egg McDonalds on.
Card by : @christianmordi
This has been this week’s Punny News.
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Ahhh, the egg pun in #4 was delightful. Egg-ceptional indeed.
this is the only way I get my news because it's not depressing or boring
Puns are for making the news better and annoying all your friends! hahaha @TerrecaRiley
@nicolejb that's what puns are for
Awwww so happy I have your support @TerrecaRiley. puns should be helping people on a daily basis.
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