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@kpopandkimchi So I have a hard time picking favorites and for the longest my ultimate bias was a different person but I finally settled on..... *drum roll*

Ravi From Vixx ヽ(Β΄β–½ο½€)/πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ

His predebut pics are sooo freaking cute

Lmao he's such a big baby but it just makes him cuter

like he kills me

He can be an idgit sometimes but he's a lovable idgit (yes I realize it says idgit, I use this word a lot bc it's my word)

Though he's an idgit he works hard for his fans to better himself and give them the best he's capable of

He is just everything and more and I can't get enough Lol

He's got me obsessed but I truly appreciate everything he does and hope one day to meet him in person...aaand I'll just randomly place these baby pics here

Bc why not

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Vixx is one group I know almost nothing about.