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Imagine you're in this situation, you started dating someone and you really, really like them. And you head home every night thinking to yourself, "I think I love them". And you're terrified of saying the actual words because there's so much weight in that statement you don't want to scare them away. But you know what? You said it anyway.
And it feels like time slowed down before they respond to you. Your mind races and feels every single emotion and you worry and fear you'll be rejected. Well, if you ever wanted a song that covers that exact notion, here it is. Dowsing's Get Weird accurately depicts this feeling. It's a little anthemic in a good way. It's definitely one you can sing/scream in the car on the way home from your significant other's house.

Notable Lyrics:

Come on don’t leave me hanging on. Don’t leave me. But it gets weird sometimes when I say I love you. And it gets weird sometimes when I say I love you.
It’s the size of an ocean. It’s fucking terrifying, to be so exposed it feels like I’m drowning.
@paulisaghost yeah! They're really great. They make me happy. I was reading the story of how they got their start, too. CRAZY awesome, really! If you do, please let me know! Or I'll find it eventually. I have this random thought every now and then: "go check Paul's cards!" :)
@ButterflyBlu really? awesome! I haven't gotten into a band like that where I wanted to share it with everyone in a long time. maybe I'll do more front bottoms cards haha
@paulisaghost yeah, exactly. They're heartfelt instead of flowery. It's nice, really. By the way, I've been enjoying The Front Bottoms here recently, thanks to you. ^.^ So, yeah, thanks!
@ButterflyBlu yeah the lyrics are simple but true and i think that's what matters
That's pretty much perfect... They describe it so well. >.< I like his voice a lot too. I can't pin down who it reminds me of, though.