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Let's agree right now: 5 is a low number.

Visibility for transgender people is increasing every year, but we've still got a long way to go. While Orange is the New Black and The Fosters are doing great work highlighting the experiences of trans people, unfortunately there's still a long way to go. That being said, here are five transgender characters from comics: here's to them, and the many more I hope will come after them.

Alysia Yeoh- Batgirl

She's an activist from Singapore, and Barbara Gordon's roommate. Written by Gail Simone, Alysia is the first contemporary trans character in mainstream comics.

Donatella- Young Liars

Created by David Lapham, Donatella also occasionally presents as "Don", and while the series was cancelled before the character could be expanded on, it's understood that Donatella is a trans woman.

Desire- Sandman

Desire might be more accurately described as genderfluid, since the character has been portrayed presenting as more than one gender and conforming to none.

Lord Fanny- The Invisibles

She's trained as a witch and is one of The Invisibles, and has absolutely zero time for any bs.

Marisa Rahm- Deathwish

Lieutenant Rahm is a police officer working a gruesome case: tracking down a serial killer.

Let's give these characters some love!

As a non-conforming person myself, I find soooo much comfort in these comics. Like- even when trans related topics were dangerous to talk about, these guys/girls/other were out there and the comics were still well known! There have been supporters as long as there have been haters.
@JonPatrickHyde wow that sounds amazing.
@JonPatrickHyde that's awesome! I read them digitally, which isn't the same at all
I have an original set. I'm was a big king Arthur nerd as a teen.
@JonPatrickHyde YES! I remember reading that a few years ago and I was totally blown away. It's a GREAT story and a super cool idea. I would love to see more comics like that being made today.
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