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The fictional 'Hotel Cortez' on American Horror story was inspired by the real-life Cecil Hotel located in Los Angeles California, which was constructed back in 1924. The Cecil Hotel has grabbed media attention several times. The hotel is known for several suicides and murders. The hotel has actually changed its name to Stay on Main...maybe to rid of the spooky rep it has under its original name. *shudders*
So how did they come up with the name 'Hotel Cortez' for the show? Well, the fictional hotel is named after Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortez and a giant portrait made entirely of metal depicts an image of the historical figure who caused the bloody fall of the Aztec Empire. (uproxx)
Well then.
As far as Cecil hotel that inspired the new season's location, a woman by the name of Elizabeth Short, nicknamed "The Black Dahlia" was the victim of a murder in 1947. She was found with her body completely severed in half at the waist. What's her connection to the hotel? That was one of the last places she was seen before her bloody death.
A man by the name of Richard Ramirez was a frequent resident back in the 1980s. During 1985, he went on a series of murders. He was nicknamed as the "night stalker." He killed 13 people. Another murderer by the name of Jack Unterweger also stayed at the hotel during the 80s. He killed 3 prostitutes.
Remember Elisa Lam? She was the woman who was found dead inside one of the water supply tanks on the hotel's roof. This was in February 2013. The surveillance video showed Lam acting strangely -- pressing multiple elevator buttons, and waving her arms wildly. Although Lam was though to have had bipolar disorder, many believed that paranormal activity was to blame.
Despite the terrifying stories, the hotel actually looks kinda nice...
The hotel lobby.

Most of the hotel's guests are foreigners or international travellers who do not know about Hotel Cecil's unsettling history.

Goodness knows I will NEVER stay at that hotel. Would you?

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ive stayed here a couple times never hear anything...The entrace to the hotel is very beautiful..
2 years ago·Reply
It looks very gorgeous! Did you know about the hotel's stories before staying there? @effieballer
2 years ago·Reply
yeah i did..well after the firt time i stayed there...i didnt know till i told my sister i stayed there and she told me the story..ive stayed there a total of 3 times
2 years ago·Reply
u could definitely feel a different vive when your stepping rooms are cheap there
2 years ago·Reply
Hmm interesting. Ghost stories intrigue me, but also scares the crap outta me. I'm not sure if I could stay in that hotel. I'd probably freak myself out when there's nothing even there... @effieballer
2 years ago·Reply