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I've said this many times before but David Foster Wallace is most likely my favorite American author. There's something about his words that still resonate with me as an artist and a writer. It's another reminder about honesty and perception.
Not that an artist has a "job". But it's the artist's job to represent reality in a way that is different than the norm. And while a lot of this involves some kind of, well, form of lying. I think there's still the ability to embed truth and honesty in works of fiction.
It's something that I try to do in my own work (my own work that exists in a black notebook never to be published but I still try). And I think it's important to remember if you're an artist yourself. That the way you perceive the world is just as important as the world you create in your work. It's not something that's completely, 100% easy. But it's a goal to strive for and it's a great thing to remember that.
I agree with this so much. I think it's about communicating that vision and trying to get other people to see life in a similar way...that way that perception can help grow and change people around you, ultimately bringing more artistry to everything. Because art makes the world a better place.
@TessStevens i dont think i could have said it any better. i constantly have to remind myself of this when i try and create something new