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It's getting messy tonight!

This week the Avengers are making poor life choices, making unreasonable demands of the universe, and texting each other about it.

Natasha is determined to have fun this weekend.

Sounds like normal Tony Stark to me, but what do I know?

It's funny because Wanda's young enough to still be in school.

I'm not telling you who sent that one.

Your name is James Buchanan Barnes, and you have to stop disapeearing downtown.

I'm with you Maria Hill. Those are exactly my plans for tomorrow.

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@ButterflyBlu so...whys my fault again? lol
@shannonl5 yes. you can get a whole cabbage at most grocery stores:)
@MichelleHolly mmm yeah I forget living in the city stuff like that is normal pretty much everywhere else XD
Oh, my sweet @shannonl5. I'll think of you whenever I see a whole cabbage! :P
@ButterflyBlu lol I wouldn't want to be remembered any other way XD