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I was tagged by @destiny1419 thanks! ^^
Best Friend: Daehyun
Boyfriend: Daehyun
Flirts: Himchan (oh dang...)
Writes a song for you: Youngjae
Marry: Daehyun (Yay! Marrying my boyfriend!!)
Jealous One: Himchan (sorry bro Daehyun and I were meant to be)
The one you hate: Yongguk (seriously now?! I have to hate my #1 bias in B.A.P?!?!)
The one you really like: Youngjae (It was the song he wrote me hit me in the feels...sorry Daehyun!)
Now, whoever wants to do it, it's fine :) but make sure you tag @destiny1419 since she made this game
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I like your results. You and Daehyun were just meant to be.
2 years ago·Reply
@destiny1419 Yup, we were meant to be ^^
2 years ago·Reply
I got boyfriend for YongGuk omgrd BAE
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