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Don't you hate it when you're taking a stroll in a dangerous tropical jungle, but a fucking T-Rex comes and ruins it.
Fuck you bruh.
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@HannahPrentiss Yeah I started last week, and trust me I know that 700 plus episodes sounds daunting, but I've been watching it and .... It's worth it, I mean it's a pretty good show.
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i have under 50 to go on fairt tail then ill start with one peice. @R0LIS it sounds like a lot to try and catch up on lol
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@HannahPrentiss well think about it this way. You k ow that feeling of sadness you get when a great show ends, yet you don't want it to? Well we won't have that for a very long time my friend. 馃憣馃徎
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Holy crap Sanji you show that T Rex not to mess with a piratexD
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still I wish doflamingo would die already
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