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super man wouldnt stand a chance because he can bearly stand a different gravity level, like in the movie "man of steel" the poor guy was in the floor of the ship dying because of a different gravity level.. unlike vegeta he trained in 500 times more than earths gravity level before he went super saiyan. now he is a ssj2 with a savage mind thanks to babidi... you guys still want to fight a debate with me?
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Vegeta would be able to beat him hands down
I have the feeling this will be a never ending debate xD.......... o wait it already is lol
I've watched dbz before I ever knew superman but I've read a few of the theories and it depends on which version of superman he fights doomsday beat a superman early in his career but against current new 52 superman in raw strength and knowledge superman supersedes everyone. if you remove him from the sun he can still bench press the earth for 5 days... straight
honestly I hate superman because he's unnecessarily overpowered, but for that same reason, vegeta in any form would lose to him. so would goku. even super saiyan god versions would lose against him.
you know who he can't beat though. BATMAN