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I saw the game @glostick made and had to get in on it since UP10TION is one of my new fandoms.

So the scenario in the game is to pretend you just debuted as a new girl group and UP10TION happens to take notice of you.

Since I participated in the kpop group game before I'll refer you to this card here for my girl group info. Our concept is Young Adult (cutesy, yet mature) seeing as though our youngest member is 17 and I'm the oldest at 23 (korean age for both). As per usual, I have not seen the photos yet so let's get this game started.
Singing a duet with: Kuhn Your #1 fanboy: Sunyuol Names you as his ideal type: Kyujin The one you actually like: Kogyeol Dating scandal with: Bitto Acted as a couple in my MV: Kogyeol Asked for my number: Sunyuol Fans ship you with: Hwanhee Dances your groups song all the time: Wei Would you look at that, all the relationship cards I got are with legal members and my bias is my fanboy. YAS!
Now to live out my fictional dream of being an idol! I'm gonna try something different from what I usually do. But I genuinely suck at transitions so let's hope this turn out good. Also, bonus korean terms since this does actually take place in Korea. LOL.


I stood backstage biting my lip nervously. I couldn't do this. There was no way I could do this. Sure I'd spent plenty of time practicing but my fans had never seen this side of me. They knew me as a rapper, not a singer. What if they didn't like my voice? Suddenly a loud snapping noise startled me. Head whipping to the right I glared at Kuhn while I slowed my breathing. "Gosh, Kuhn-ssi. You scared me half to death!" I exclaimed quietly. "Mianhae noona, but you seemed distracted. PD just said we have five minutes before stage." He replied. I nodded my head and closed my eyes. This was actually happening. Oh gosh, I was gonna be sick. Swallowing slowly I opened my eyes and smiled at Kuhn though I was sure it looked more like a grimace. Kuhn smiled brightly at me and casually bumped his shoulder against mine. "Don't worry, Coreyy-noona. You'll be great. The fans will love you." I rolled my eyes to hide the blush forming on my face and smiled softly. "Gamsahabnida, Kuhn-ssi..." I responded as the stage hand motioned for us to go out in stage. 《¤》 It was a few days after Kuhn and I's duet performance when me and a few of the girl's caught a show on TV. The guys were the guest and they were talking about their biases. I had been listening absentmindedly until Minri squealed next to me and squeezed my arm. "Aigoo! Did you hear that, Chelsea-ssi! Sunyuol says you're his bias!" I blinked twice, before her words sunk in. "Jinjja?" I replied looking from her to the T.V. then back to her. "That's cool," I said before turning to focus on the show. They had switched topic to talking about the ideals and I was curious about Kogyeol's answer. Moments later, to my surprise, Kyujin replied that I was his ideal girl. My jaw dropped at the statement as Eunji, who had been walking by tripped upon hearing the news. She'd developed a small crush on Kyujin as I had on Kogyeol since our groups had been interacting more. I stood up and went over to help her up, offering her a small smile and a shrug of the shoulder. "It's okay," she said softly. "I know you don't like him like him. It was just shocking to hear." "You're telling me," Minri responded from the couch. "Two members in the span of 5 minutes. Unnie is UP10TION catnip." Eunji and I laughed as she took my hand to stand up. Looking back to the T.V, I realized they had moved on to another segment. "Damn," I said to myself. "I missed Kugyeol's answer." Sighing, I went back to sit on the sofa with Minri. She patted my shoulder as I got comfortable. "Better luck next time, Sea-unnie." 《¤》 "Crap!" I exclaimed as I ran head first into a body outside of my company's building. The rebound off of the person's body sent me flailing backwards but an arm around my waist steadied me. Looking up, I blushed as I realized it was Bitto I had run into. Looking down at his chest, I tucked a hair behind my ear and licked my lips then looked back up at him. "Uh... Gamsahabnida Bitto-ssi." I said awkwardly as I removed his hand from my waist. "My face would have met the ground if it wasn't for you. Wait, what are you doing here anyway? Shouldn't you be in practice?" "Ne," he replied rubbing a hand theough his hair. "They were worried when you sent a text saying you'd be here in 5 minutes but 10 passed so I offered to look for you." "That was very kind of you but I'm here now, so let's go!" I responded as I grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the building enthusiastically. 《¤》 I giggled as Kogyeol ran his hand across my cheek and hoped to God he thought I was just acting. Leaning into his hand I paused then drew back. Just when it looked like he was about to follow, he offered me his hand instead. I stared at for a moment before taking it in my own. "CUT. Take ten." Yelled the director. Kogyeol and I immediately let each others hands go and rushed to leave the set. As I was going to get a drink of water Bitto approached me with a Grim look on his face as he stared at his phone. "What's wrong?" I wondered aloud. Wordlessly he turned his phone to face me. Dispatch News: Figure8's Coreyy & UP10TION's Bitto Revealed To Be Dating. "Oh. Oh... Oh my. This is not good. Have the managers seen this yet?" I asked him. He shook his head and I frowned. "This can't be good." "You said that already," he responded. "I know! But this is not good." I said leaving him and looking around for one of the managers but I found Sunyuol walking down the hall instead. "Ya! Sunyuol-ah, have you seen our managers? I would call them myself but I seem to have left my phone at the dorm." "Aniyo, noona. I think they went out for a smoke break." He replied. "Shit," I responded turning to walk away. "Wait, noona!" Sunyuol called out causing me to pause mid step. "While you're here, I was wondering if you would give me your number." My eyes widened, "um... sure, I guess. But no funny business mister!" I joked poking him in the stomach. After giving him my number I turned to continue my search for the managers when Kugyeol called out to me. "Break is over, Coreyy-noona. They want us back on set." Sighing, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. We would have to deal with the scandal later. "Coming Kogyeol-ah." 《¤》 Looking into the crowd, I tried to cover my surprise. Though I knew fans would start shipping us when we started working with UP10TION, I didn't expect it to go to this level. And since I never expected it to meet this level, I definitely didn't expect to be part of the biggest ship. The only good thind about the situation was that Hwanhee was just as surprised as me. I mean we hadn't really spent a lot of time together in public and he wasn't even my male partner in the MV but the fans saw us together and made it know with several signs in the audience of the variety show. Luckily for me, the dance segment of the show was beginning and I could distract myself by dancing along with my members. Or so I thought until the MC picked me to dance along with Wei to our songs. It was even more embarassing when I messed up one of our earlier dances but Wei got it correct. The MC heckles me a bit about not knowing my own choreography but overall I coukd say it was pretty fun.


Please go easy on me. I tried. And it's first person.


So cute! You def deserve the trophy!👍❤
@Exoexo @KiKi29 @EmilyGardner thank you guyssss !
Nice job! That was really fun to read. xD
I think you deserve that trophy for doing the thing! Good job!
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