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Want to wear comfy sneakers but don't want to skimp on style? This DIY galaxy sneakers tutorial is just for you! This DIY tutorial comes from the creative people at Time for Tea.


For this project, you will need:
-- White canvas shoes
-- Permanent markers
-- Rubbing alcohol
-- White fabric paint
You can find all of these items at a craft store.

Start coloring your sneakers

Use the permanent markers to start coloring your sneakers. You want to color enough to make a base — use the lighter colors so that it is easier to cover with the darker colors.

Smear the colors

Use the rubbing alcohol to smear the colors on the sneakers. Dip a paint brush in the rubbing alcohol and allow the rubbing alcohol to drip on the colors on the sneakers to smear them and give them a galaxy feel.

Repeat these steps

Continue to repeat these steps until both shoes are completely filled with galaxy-like colors and designs.

Add fabric paint

Once your sneakers are completely filled with colors, add some white fabric paint to create spots that will look like stars on the sneakers.

Slip on your shoes and rock your amazing sneakers!

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Nice!!! How long did it take you?
This is cool. :)
@ChriSingularis I actually haven't tried this DIY tutorial yet, but I think it took the original poster about an hour to do the entire project, not including drying time :)