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Okay, so @Danidee wasn't sure what broscience was and I didn't realize that it might be a term that not many may be familiar with. I guess I have been a bro such a long time...
A term used to describe misconceptions and ideas of questionable scientific credibility. It's basically bullshit knowledge. It's usually "facts" that have been passed down mouth-to-mouth with no actual backing.

Examples of broscience:

"If you eat carbs, you'll get fat."
"You can turn fat into muscle."
"Protein powder is basically roids."
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A lot of us are ;) @rudi5150
2 years ago·Reply
but can't turn fat into muscle?
2 years ago·Reply
nah dude @VinMcCarthy
2 years ago·Reply
I will write a card on that lol..
2 years ago·Reply
Haha oh I battle these daily just working in the food industry
2 years ago·Reply