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Good morning guys!! ♡♥ Since I was graced by lovely photos when I woke up this morning I figured id share them with you♡

Look at my Jelly Bean!!!♡♥♡ Ughh he gets cuter and cuter everyday

Guys im internally dying over how adorable my Chanyeol is! Hes soo perfect♡♥

Can GD please stop! Seriously its too early for this!

Second picture is from yesterday but he needs to stop all that
and omg I forgot to show you guys!! Since I finally have time off I got the tattoo that ive wanted for years!!! A Taino(Puerto Rican tribe) Moon Goddess! ♡♥ Isnt she perfect! Pictures dont do it justice but I love it lol slowly but surely I'll catch up to Jiyongi in the tattoo count haha