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The natural hair movement is taking off like crazy.

Over the past few years, the natural hair community has grown immensely. You can spot women both young and old rockin' their beautiful natural tresses with confidence. You have your women who went natural after transitioning and then you have your natural women who took that leap of faith and big chopped [see card here].
It's no secret that having natural hair can be a challenge for those who aren't dedicated. Taking care of your natural tresses takes both time and patience. Watching the growth and healthy state of your hair during this journey is truly amazing. Thanks to Aveda's artistic director, Tippi Shorter [seen below] are tips and advice on how natural ladies should maintain their hair and keep it gorgeous even through your slumber.

Tip #1: Use Oils In Your Hair Sparingly

“Always keep your hair moisturized with an oil or moisture cream before bed. Natural oils don’t hydrate curly hair the way it does straight hair, and oils dissipate overnight due to pillowcases and sheets”, says Shorter.

Tip #2: Put Your Hair In A Pineapple

Shorter recommends the pineapple as a way to protect your curls. She says, “It’s so easy—gather your hair on top of your head, and wrap it with a silk scarf. This will keep the coils intact and won’t cause breakage. If your hair is short, you can do two ponytails.”

Tip #3: Roll Your Hair

“Rollers, rods, or large hairpins paired with a good curl enhancer will help you wake up with different curls in the morning”, says Shorter.

Tip #4: Braid Your Hair

The oldest trick in the game. Shorter says, “Braiding your hair will elongate the curls and create a nice, loose wave that sets overnight.”

Tip #5: The 50% Rule

Working with hair that is lightly damp, but slightly dry will make manipulating your hair in the way you choose much easier to style and in the morning your hair will still look the same.

Tip #6: Co-wash And Two Strands

Shorter tells us, “You can also reshape your curls overnight by twisting them into two or three strands for a chunkier curl, or setting your hair in knots for a looser spiral curl. If your hair retains the springy curl but grows too big, you can pull your damp hair into a loose pony. In the morning, this will give you a smoother, flatter curly style.”

You're one out of six tips away from amazing natural hair.

Which tip would you prefer most?
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