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Hello Again~ If you haven't read Part 1 Click on this => PART1 Well then, let's continue shall we! ^^

Orange by 7!! (Shigatsu Wa Kimi no Uso)

Now, as I said in <Part.1>, this is here to counter those feelings evoked by part 1. 7!! brings us a hopeful and inspirational song which tells us that no matter what, you should always try your best, be hopeful and never give up as there's always a new tomorrow. I don't always get goosebumps when I listen to a song, but when I's going to be on my mind for the rest of my life (and maybe listen to it until I get tired of it....whiiiich doesn't happen often ㅡwㅡ/ ). Every time I'm feeling down and doubt myself, this song helps me remember that I am capable of doing whatever I put my mind into. Even if things are bad at the moment, you will always be able to change your future and everything will be fine~
Here's the Original Version. 7!! is so Kawaii T^T and her voice is just angelical~ I wanted to share the "FEELS" with you guys. Hope you enjoyed this two-part card. Thank You. Close Your Eyes and Listen!~

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Definitely a change from Part 1. Beautiful and uplifting song that effectively compliments the feelings from Part 1. Great idea to do a 2 part animusic card. Keep it up!
@littlemaryk I think that's why music is effective and personal to people. For me, sometimes when I'm in a bad place, thinking about things that make me sad, I can listen to music by people who GET that feeling and it helps. Too often, I've gone to a friend and they make light of it and that hurts more. (Like being told to "get over it, you need to move past it" about the loss of another person! What?! Of course I know that... I don't need someone to tell me. That's not what I'm looking for in that moment!) We all cope with life in different ways, I guess. For me, music and dance is essential. So that means I have to see the darkness sometimes. Make sense? @RosePark amazing song! <3
@biancadanica98 To be honest any song from this anime makes you cry T.T @MaighdlinS Yeah, but both have their own charm ^^ @littlemaryk I like that you get me in this two-part card xD I was thnking of making this part 1 but then everybody would have ended up depressed after reading the cards :S
@RosePark why, thank you, sir! I just love it. ^.^
@ButterflyBlu You always know what the right thing to say about music ^^ its great~
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