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Hello Vinglers!~ Today I'm bringing you a two part card, I'll explain in the following section so keep reading! Another Day, Another Song! Let's Go~

Re-Education by Kagamine Rin and Len

As I mentioned above, this is going to be a two part mostly because of the feelings evoked by this first song. While the second part is to counter those feelings, you'll understand after listening to both parts. First of all, the song is amazing, for vocaloids to give this haunting and creepy feeling is unimaginable. Also, vocaloids and rock make a pretty good combination. If you're like me, you wont be able to get this song out of your head~ This is a song that I have been listening to a long time. It always makes me think (Read the lyrics while listening) about the meaning of the song. It's not only pretty deep but also dark. I always pay attention to the lyrics of a song and this one is the one that has me pondering every time I listen to it. My opinion is that the song is about people who are chained by the social hierarchy starting their childhoods. Furthermore, they didn't get the chance to follow their dreams, they weren't able to do what they wanted. Thus, losing the will to push towards those dreams and giving up, trying to escape from their pasts.

Tell me what you think is the meaning of this song! Let me know in the comment~

Give the 2nd video a try, it's the same song without the Vocaloids and it sounds as awesome as the original. Let's move on to PART2! Click here => Part.2

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Wow, what a song! Strikes a cord on so many levels. It does a great job of painting a picture of how so many young people feel about life, society, norms and expectations. However, going beyond the face value of the song, I think it's actually telling people not to give up or give in. Because the way the song sounded to me was like...this person is so tired of all this and just wants to stop but at the same time it felt like it was saying "this is how it is now, but it doesn't have to be." Or it might be because I try to find the positive in everything that I interpeted the song that way. Another great track for animusic, I liked both versions~
@poojas Its so you to look on the positive side of everything. Love that about you. There are so many different points of view for this one and Im really enjoying what everyones approach to it! Like @MaighdlinS, approaches it in a more cynical way of things because she can relate and has experienced those things first hand.
@RosePark I had to re-watch it without sound so I could pay attention to the lyrics more. I think it's about ending the pain caused by being an outcast in a society that shuns people for being different instead of encouraging them. I was really bullied when I was younger because I refused to conform to the norm. so I totally understand how crushing that is. I think the part that says help me is tomorrow and to die one would have to block that out. Sometimes that "help me" hurts more than the current situation. My favorite part is the part where it says "killing dreams with sophisticated justice." but I also struggle with that meaning the most. Whether it's talking about how society kills dreams or if it's actually about taking your own life... honestly I'd rather have it be the first option. This song definitely brings attention to a part of reality we all like to pretend doesn't exist and I really like that about this song.
@SimplyOtaku The song is great, the lyrics are deep and dark. @littlemaryk Indeed but cant deny the song is good xD @ButterflyBlu Yeah...the song brings out some feelings :S
GUMI :33 her personality resembles mine and she has a beautiful voice, she's wonderful
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