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Tony Stark's Soul
Amazing what a frustrated genius billionaire with daddy issues can do when pressed... The question is - is Iron Man Tony's true face - his soul exposed? Or is Tony merely an empty shell that Iron Man fills with purpose? You tell me? Above is a mix of several mediums. Water Color and Acrylic - but I've also used and old photographic plate as the canvas. I LOVE painting on glass and acetate. I started painting on these surfaces many many years ago when I was in high school.
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thank you. I got the idea from a photo manipulation I saw online. but it was very subtle. the armor was nearly invisible and only the outlines were drawn. I think it was an outline computer drawing of the armor someone photoshopped over a photo of Robert Downey Jr. it was cool. I wanted to jazz it up. Tony is about the show... he's bigger than life. he's a rock star. he'd not do this image subtly. lol
@JonPatrickHyde that's so true. The character is really complex but one thing he definitely isn't is small. Everything is larger than life!