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It's a known fact that women take forever to get ready.

Whether you're going out shopping or on a date with the guy of your dreams, getting dressed takes both time and effort. You scoff at folks who like to rush you because you believe that beauty takes time. besides, who wouldn't want to look amazing on a date, right? Of course. Most women take an hour or longer to get fully prepared for a night out, I'll be the first to admit. Although, on a good day -- I can probably be out the door in a little over an hour an hour depending on my mood.
YouTube personality, Meghan Rhienks does some pretty amazing skits on her channel [see here] and she did one on the way women act when getting ready for a date. Besides setting the reminder alarm [not sure how accurate that is], everything else in the video was so spot on and let me not forget to add, hilarious. If you happen to be that woman who takes hours to get herself ready or you just happen to be in need of a good laugh, keep scrolling.
After watching, comment below with how long it takes you to get yourself ready for a night out. I would love to know.
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lol sounds accurate. that and the pep talk hahaha @danidee
I don't do any of that I guess I'm just the odd ball
Yeah.... Not that bad for me. I'll take a long bath or shower to relax, but other than that, no worries. I usually know ahead of time what I'm going to wear ***unless it's one of THOSE DAYS (y'all know the ones!) I guess it really depends on the date!!
lol not odd at all haha just normal @AlexSpears
getting your outfit prepared beforehand is definitely smart & yes, we all know those days!!! @ButterflyBlu