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In celebration of 2NE1’s third anniversary since its debut, Sandara Park recently shared the joy with her dear fans. On May 17, the smashing beauty of 2NE1 posted a picture with the caption, “Congratulations on 2NE1 for its third year anniversary! This is a special cake for celebrating the third year of 2NE1 and Black Jack. We placed an order ourselves.” She added, “It’s really touching. I love you Black Jack. Forever Black Jack! Go, Black Jack!” displaying her endless affection to the group’s fan club. In the photo, the cake has pretty, characterized figurines of members of 2NE1. It’s also written “2NE1♡3rd” and ‘forever with BLACK JACK Netizens responded: “Congratulations on your third anniversary! Forever 2NE1!” “Has it been really three years since its debut? Time flies.” “The cake is really awesome, and so is 2NE1.” Having debuted with the single “Lollipop” in 2009, the four member girl group has grown into one of the most formidable group in K-pop world. Source: Starnews via
Happy anniv,,, for 2NE1
happy anniversary
yummy... ^^