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I think that's the name. I don't know if there's a challenge involved...but this card, right here, shall be dedicated to my ultimate bias...

Kang Daesung!

Prepare for the slight onslaught of photos...

That Body.

From a first glance, Daesung is built. I joined the VIP fandom around the time Fantastic Baby came out, I believe. I actually had thought it was an old song by them when I first listened to it and soon found out the opposite. Regardless, he was already banging by the time I hopped on the BB/VIP train. I honestly don't know much about them before, what, 2011? Not that I even know where to start. But, from what I have seen, he was more adorable then and then BAM. Hello, sexy. ...He looks so good in a suit. ㅠㅠ

Smile for me, baby!

His smile is probably what won me over the most. Yes, he's got the sexiest, deliciously raspy voice I've ever heard. Yes, he's just a banging tower of testosterone from head to toe. Yes, he's a teddy bear that probably gives awesome hugs. His smile though... It gives me tingles and goosebumps. Not to mention, his laugh makes me happy. I watched him and GD when they were on Healing Camp. All I wanted to was for Daesung to smile forever. It doesn't sound reasonable in reality, but I just wanted him to forgive himself as well as anyone that was holding something against him. His sweet spirit and his smile... ㅠㅠ

His hair alone can get it...

I have always had a thing for guys with long hair. The longer, the better. I'm not ashamed. I have an even bigger thing for fluffy hair. Daesung's hair is the perfect example. I just want to run my fingers through his hair and pet him all day. *q*

How to look sexy ft. Kang Daesung

His body type makes anything look amazing. It's most like those arms, shoulders, chest, thighs... Just him. He's the epitome of a beefcake and his smile and voice are his best accessories.

He's a dork. I accept that.

He's a celebrity and lives miles and miles and an ocean or two apart from, so I definitely can't say that I know him or his personality for sure. The thing is though that people do put off a certain vibe and his is honestly just really sweet. He's like a playful bear that just wants to play and make others laugh. It's hard not to adore him and preciousness.
I have some really, really close runners-up, but Daesung still holds the top spot for now. Thank you for tagging me, @ChelseaJay, and I believe @kpopandkimchi tagged me to do this as well. I could be wrong. Lol Correction: I think @B1A4BTS5ever was the one that tagged me. XD @amobigbang I'm tagging you, too, just because. I hope you don't mind. ^^ Thank you for reading! ♡
He has the best voice too
His hair can definitely get it!
@ChelseaJay It's so fluffy! @CarenBoykins Doesn't he? :)